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Anthony Ant Sees the Light

Released May, 2005

Anthony is back and trying to be a better bug. However, he tries too hard and, as usual, ends up in a "heap" of trouble. With the help of his family and some courageous fireflies, all problems are resolved and a poem is recited to celebrate.

Anthony Ant: Late for Lunch

Released April, 2000

Ant's two most importantant duties - gather food and eat it. Anthony is very good at eating but not so good at gathering. Ordered from his home, Anthony falls in with "bad company" resulting in some scary adventures.


If the very few words of verse don't grab the young readers, the lively and clever black and white drawings will. It is no fun to overplan and miss the fun of trick or treating. Kids will read this book over and over again regardless of the season.

Maybe Mice, Maybe Not

Ohio's in Room 3-Z!

A double treat for the reader, this book combines a charming story with a lesson on the symbols used by the state of Ohio. Young readers become acquainted with the state's official symbols through the antics and confusion inside Room 3-Z.

Oscar: A Color-Me Story

Oscar is curious and wonders what lies out there in the wide world of water. Kids will enjoy the rhyme, learn and review the "colors" which cleverly complete the verses while following Oscar on his world travels.

Theres's a Pumpkin in Our School: A Year of Holidays

Kids and teachers will enjoy this most unusual holiday book which features a pumpkin becoming the center of attraction throughout the school year. There's a lot of teaching and learning and fun occuring in this little country school.

Rabbit's Rainbow: A Color-Me Story

There's a big problem in Grayville and an even bigger one on Nothing Hill. Both problems are solved by an amazing event. Kids of all ages will enjoy reading and coloring this creatively illustrated story in hand-lettered verse.

The Thanksgiving Train

Clarence is old and tired and a bit sick and his little train engine isn't faring any better. They must get home for Thanksgiving for some much-needed rest. They run into many obstacles before they can enjoy a most unusual holiday.