Two For The Show!

Mr. Stein and Ms. Coons' "Two for the Show" program is unique in several ways. The couple prefers to remain the full day in the host school. This allows for smaller, more intimate groups of students, resulting in more learning and more fun.

Ms. Coons draws key points made in Mr. Stein's presentation. These creative illustrations are presented to the school at the end of the day.

The pair of presenters is comfortable at any grade level, though at present the bulk of their publications fits the k-6 forum best.

Mr. Stein and Ms. Coons can customize their program to fit the particular atmosphere of any school and climate. For example, at a recent school, they wrote and illustrated a large-sized "book" over the course of a day (with a series of student-group input) on the 100 year anniversary of the building in which they were presenting. They have also preread and later critiqued and provided "covers" for selected students' work.


Don't take it from us. Take it from them. Two for the Show is a fantastic writing and storytelling exercise. Kids are encouraged to find their inner writer and artist and build their own stories as quickly as their imaginations can take them there.

Testimony One - Clark-Shawnee Local Schools

"Fun, fun, fun with reading, writing, and creating. Mr. Stein and Mrs. Coons are absolutely delightful! The students and staff at Possum Primary and Middle School spent a wonderful day with a very expressive author and gifted illustrator. We had a wonderful time interacting with Mr. Stein as he read his stories and expressed his colorful ideas for writing and reading. Mrs. Coons mesmerized us with her life-like characters and witty charm spinning yarns with Mr. Stein. It was a sheer compliment to have them share with us their uninhibited personalities. We look forward to their return!"

Mrs. Gaybrielle Ray, Librarian
Clark-Shawnee Local Schools
Springfield, OH

Testimony Two - Hillsdale Elementary School

"Richard Stein and Mary Coons' presentations are motivating to students of all ages and abilities. After their presentation to my third grade class, I found it necessary to adjust my afternoon plans. All the students were so inspired and excited to WRITE stories! What a wonderful teaching moment!"

Jill Shreffler
Primary Instructor
Hillsdale, Ml

Testimony Three - Gettysburg Elementary

"Richard Stein and Mary Coons encourage students to read and write. They provide a dynamic program to enhance any reading and/or writing program. This 'dynamic duo' keeps students of all ages attentive during their presentation. Mr. Stein catches the children's attention by this ability to bring stories to life. Mrs. Coons draws pictures for the students in order to encourage thinking through illustrating."

Donna Fischer, Teacher
Gettysburg Elementary
Greenville City Schools
Greenville, OH

Testimony Four - West Carrollton City Schools

"Rich Stein's writing and imaginative style hooks kids immediately from kindergarten through eighth grade. Rich and Mary's warm and humorous presentation focuses children on the writing and what makes a proficient writer. While engaging students with some of their own books, their enthusiasm for writing and illustrating becomes contagious. We can't wait to enjoy their next book!"

Marianne Chenoweth, K-12 Curriculum Spec.
West Carrollton City Schools
West Carrollton, OH