Anthony Ant: Seeking Santa

Released January, 2013

"Ants don't see Christmas for a very good reason. They're deep, deep in sleep through the whole winter season."

Anthony Ant: Seeking Santa is the third installment of the Anthony Ant series. Anthony spends his time thinking of ways he can delay hibernation so he can be awake on Christmas Eve and meet sANTa. His plan backfires when Anthony succumbs to nature at the same time the Ant family is roused from their slumber by a most unusual guest.

Kids of all ages will enjoy this unusual take on one of life's most frustrating missions - the quest to stay awake to meet the jolly old elf.

About Write-Away Productions

Write-Away Productions is a small team of authors and illustrators dedicated to the production of children's books and presentations in an effort to stoke the imagination of their audience and compell future authors and illustrators to pick up their pens and pencils (and computers) and start writing

Richard Stein is Write-Away's founder and lead author. Rich loves to write, especially for children, and he loves even more to share his work with them face to face. A retired teacher/administrator who has visited hundreds of classrooms and read thousands of student-produced stories, Mr. Stein loves sharing his work with students as well as hearing about their latest writing projects. During his career in education, he taught English, speech, and theater arts. Thus, he brings a sense of drama to each classroom he visits.

Mary Coons is Write-Away's primary illustrator. Mary has been a children's illustrator for over thirty years. She began with illustrations for small magazines, moved on to textbooks, and by now has illustrated over 20 books and several coloring books. She fills in her spare time drawing house portraits, greeting cards, and other art projects. She teaches illustration in camps and schools.